Introduction to Koho Sports Picks

Hello and welcome!

Each day I will be running both the NHL and MLB models to provide the probabilities of each team winning their respective games. Using the book odds provided online, picks will be determined on which teams offer the best value versus their book value.

Example; Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers on February 28, 2021.

My model has given the New York Rangers a 48.9% chance of winning and the book has given them a 40.8%. This difference is a positive 8.1% and represents a favorable probability versus the book. Using this system, the difference threshold is 12%, which the Rangers did not meet in this case.

All picks provided will meet the 12% threshold and be provided in the following format:

Rangers (+145) at home versus the Bruins (-165) on the money line.

The first team listed represents the team I will be betting on.

Good Luck and please bet responsibly!

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