Degenerates Corner : March 22

Hey guys I’m J, welcome to my new sports pick show : Degenerates Corner

Follow me on the journey of guaranteed locks that I hope will help pad both of our bank accounts. Well, that’s the idea. In reality I’d classify myself as a very emotional bettor who gets excited at flashy lines who thinks he can predict the future like I’m goddamn Nostradamus. But, sometimes I’m hot so eh?

Unlike the other articles found on this website that implore statistical models and rely on a high degree of accuracy in their picks, I sometimes just go with my gut with what just makes sense, ya know? Another important thing to note, I am ice cold right now (heating up, thank you spreadsheet Jesus) so tail me at your own risk.

However, with that aside lets talk picks for Monday, March 22.

Buffalo Sabers vs. New York Rangers: 0ver 5.5 (-110) 1.5 Unit(s)

This one feels like an absolute no brainer to me. Hell, Mark Zibanejad had 6 points in one period the other night. Yeah that was the dumpster fire that was Philly but you wanna know a worse Dumpster Fire? The Buffalo Sabers. Horrible thing to watch those Sabers are. Also, Igor Shesterkin has been on the shelf with a groin injury and is uncertain to play. Know what that means? Goals Baby. Goals. This play dies on buffalo not being able to play hockey but a 5-2 score doesn’t sound that outlandish to me? If you like the Rags maybe look at the Puckline but I’ve been burned by that flame a few too many times lately so I’ll cool it personally but go wild.

New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers: Islanders (-125) 2 Unit(s)

Oh baby I love the Islanders this season. More than that, I love how bad the Flyers are. Carter Hart is legitimately one of the worst goalies in the league this year and you’re trying to tell me Brian Elliot is any better? This game is all but a given for the Islanders (Please).

Minnesota Wild vs. Anaheim Ducks : Wild -1.5 (+130) 1 unit(s)

Alright I know I just said that I don’t like the puck line but boy oh boy how could you not bet this. John Gibson is out and Ryan Miller is absolute dog water. Also Zuccarello, Kaprizov, and Rask are one of the sexiest lines out there right now. Why the lower units? I hate the puck line and whats more, Zegras and Drysdale are scary enough enough weapons on an anemic Ducks team that they might somehow keep it within one.

The Hail Mary Parlay

Guys, it’s degenerates corner. Of course we have an absolutely nutty parlay. Here’s how I run these bad boys:

  • Minimum 5 teams
  • No Restriction on Sport/Event Type
  • 1$ Bet

Stars ML (-190) + Hurricanes ML (-155) + Islanders ML (-125) + Wild ML (-210) + Avalanche ML (-210) + VGK ML (-160) + Jets (-120)

Total : +2834

Down here is where you’ll find all my stats that I like to keep around

Units Risked : 4.5 Units

Possible return : 4.264 Units

Total Units Placed : 4.5 Units

Profit : – 0.0 Units

Record 0-0-0 W/L/P

Good Luck and have some fun this Monday you filthy degenerates.


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