Degenerates Corner : Vol 2 March 30




The list of adjectives to describe your favorite degenerate goes on and on. We did it boys, we hit the Hail Mary parlay on the first episode of Degenerates Corner. A lowly degenerate gets the chance to prove the sophisticated models wrong and you know what? He did just that. Fucking killed it. Suck me Koho…

Important to note. High highs MUST come with low lows. For example: Sharmrock shakes come back to McDonald’s? Your apartment floods. The Hail Mary parlay hits? You get Covid. Look, I don’t make the rules but prepare to be kicked in the dick.

For those who tailed, hell ya we made some money. For those who didn’t, well there’s always future bets to be had. It wasn’t just the Hail Mary Parlay that made Monday, March 22nd so special, lets see how our other picks faired.

Buffalo Sabers vs. New York Rangers – 0 5.5 1.5 Unit(s) Result : W

I felt like this one was an absolute lock when I made it. Hitting the over by 2.5 goals is always nice to see as well. I tuned into this bad boy and was absolutely shaking watching these teams go through that first period. Traumatizing hockey. God it was awful. However, the over gods had a treat for me in Dustin Tokarski. Guy hadn’t played a game since 2015. You combine that with Keith Kinkaid? Just like I thought, goals baby, goals.

New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers: Islanders ML 2 Unit(s) Result : W

Isles baby. This one was definitely more of a nail biter than I originally thought. Some have said winning a ML in 3 on 3 OT might cheapen it a little. To those people, I say with the utmost respect: Suck me. Idk what is going on with the Flyers but expect to see more islanders bets in the future.

Minnesota Wild vs. Anaheim Ducks : Wild -1.5 1 unit(s) Result : L

Yawn. What a boring game honestly. There was a chance for the PL to hit as the Wild had an empty net for a good minute or so. Oh well, I said in the pick preview I hate the PL. Of my bets, the one that missed was : The PL. Oh well, I honestly stand by it tbh.

The Hail Mary Parlay (Feat: No Kneecaps)Hurricanes ML (-160) + Islanders ML (-130) + Wild ML (-250) + Avalanche ML (-230) + VGK ML (-135) + Jets (-125)


Okay. I mean technically I screwed the pooch on this one. However, as your favorite degenerate I made sure to bang out the amendment the moment I was made aware of the error. The result of that amendment, BANGER! Imagine making the first ever Hail Mary Parlay, and it hits. Uhhhh, I won’t lie I’ve been riding that high all week lol.

Pretty good week, However, with that aside lets talk picks for Tuesday, March 30.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Chicago Blackhawks :

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Tampa Bay Lightning : U 5.5 1 Unit(s) -125

I think the jackets suck. I think Tampa is good. I don’t hate these team’s offences at all but I just don’t think this one will be high-scoring. Columbus (Torts) loves defense. Huge hard-on for it. Highly contingent on if Vasilevskiy is the starter for me so watch this line come game time.

Nashville Predators vs Dallas Stars : Nashville ML 1 Unit(s) +100

For those who don’t know, I am a Nashville Predators fan. I know, Brutal right? Well, not as of late. The Preds have won 5 straight and you know what? It’ll be six straight after Monday night. It’s a combination of bias, my personal view on Dallas, and decent odds if you as me. As long as Rinne isn’t b/w the pipes. Look I love the guy but… might be time for the farm upstate.

Carolina Hurricanes vs Chicago Blackhawks : Hurricanes PL 1.5 Unit(s) +160

Canes are a wagon this season and Chicago sucks. Regardless of Carolina’s starter, hammer this 4 EZ money.

The Hail Mary Parlay

Hopefully everyone knows the rules by know but just to recap;

  • Minimum 5 teams
  • No Restriction on Sport/Event Type
  • 1$ Bet

Gonzaga -5.5 (-200), UCLA +10.0 (-210), Panthers (-235), Bruins (-190), Canes (-160), Lightning (-250)

Total : +996

Currently here is where we’re sitting lifetime

Units Risked : 3.5 Units

Possible return : 4.2 Units

Total Units Placed (Lifetime) : 8 Units

Profit : +5.464 Units

Record 2-1-0 W/L/P

HMP record 1-0-0

HMP Profit : + $28.34

Good Luck and have some fun this Tuesday you filthy degenerates.


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