Degenerates Corner : Vol 2 March 30

Vindication. Success. Nostra-fucking-domis. The list of adjectives to describe your favorite degenerate goes on and on. We did it boys, we hit the Hail Mary parlay on the first episode of Degenerates Corner. A lowly degenerate gets the chance to prove the sophisticated models wrong and you know what? He did just that. Fucking killedContinue reading “Degenerates Corner : Vol 2 March 30”

Degenerates Corner : March 22 Hail Mary Parlay Amendment

Fuck. First edition of degenerates corner comes out and I’ve already blown it. Guess who doesn’t play tonight? The Dallas Stars. They got blasted by my Predators last night. Koho is gonna kneecap me when he catches wind of this… However I said to add them to the Hail Mary Parlay as per last post;Continue reading “Degenerates Corner : March 22 Hail Mary Parlay Amendment”

Degenerates Corner : March 22

Hey guys I’m J, welcome to my new sports pick show : Degenerates Corner Follow me on the journey of guaranteed locks that I hope will help pad both of our bank accounts. Well, that’s the idea. In reality I’d classify myself as a very emotional bettor who gets excited at flashy lines who thinksContinue reading “Degenerates Corner : March 22”