NHL Playoff Preview: WSH vs BOS

The biggest storyline heading into the Boston Bruins and the Washington Capitals first round matchup revolves around Zdeno Chara, facing off against his old squad. Playing each other 8 times in the regular season so far, this storyline has grown stale and lacks the luster it would otherwise would have in a normal season. Regardless,Continue reading “NHL Playoff Preview: WSH vs BOS”

NHL Playoff Preview: PIT vs NYI

In today’s edition of the Koho NHL playoff previews, we’re taking a look at the East division’s match-up between the No. 1 seed Pittsburgh Penguins and No. 4 seed New York Islanders. The last time these two teams met in the playoffs was in 2018, when the Islanders eliminated the Penguins in a dominant fourContinue reading “NHL Playoff Preview: PIT vs NYI”

NHL Playoff Preview: EDM vs WPG

Resuming our NHL Playoff previews for the North division, the No. 2 seed Edmonton Oilers face off against the No. 3 seed Winnipeg Jets. Statistical Analysis For a thorough breakdown of the statistics listed above, click here. The Oilers and Jets are two teams that are picky with their shot selection, placing in the bottom-sixContinue reading “NHL Playoff Preview: EDM vs WPG”

Model Statistics Glossary

Hello again! With the growing use of advanced stats within the hockey community and subsequent information overload of key terms, this article will be a growing list of buzzwords to become familiar with and add to your vocabulary. Many of these terms are used in the prediction model while many are not. For the integrityContinue reading “Model Statistics Glossary”

NHL Playoff Preview: MTL vs TOR

After the longest 56-game season imaginable, the NHL playoffs are finally upon us. In honour of their start, I’ll be taking a look at each first round playoff matchup, comparing squads using analytics and narratives from the 2021 season. Kicking off the Koho NHL playoff previews, we have the much anticipated series between the TorontoContinue reading “NHL Playoff Preview: MTL vs TOR”

Is the Matz Back? A way-too-early analysis

Steven Matz’ subtle changes show signs of significant improvement This past offseason, Mark Shapiro & Co. made it a priority to address the elephant in the room: their shaky and often injured rotation. The results? At first, less than impressive to an ever impatient fanbase. Robbie Ray was re-upped to the tune of a oneContinue reading “Is the Matz Back? A way-too-early analysis”

Predicting the Penguins’ 2021 trade deadline

Brian Burke recently admitted that the team is looking to add some size to their lineup. Given that the pens appear to be adamant on keeping their youth and draft picks, McCann is arguably their biggest trade-chip.

NHL Model: March Review

The first month of the NHL Model is complete and it is time to review the results! Game by Game Prediction Results Over the course of 226 games in the month of March, the model has accurately predicted the winner for 58% percent of the games. This percentage is right in line with the expectationsContinue reading “NHL Model: March Review”

Evaluating each MLB team’s total wins odds part 2: National League Edition

Continuing on from my article earlier this week, today we examine the over/under team-win totals for the National League in the 2021 MLB season. In case this was not already stated, this is NOT advice for placing a bet on all teams for their win total. I am instead turning focus to my own thoughtsContinue reading “Evaluating each MLB team’s total wins odds part 2: National League Edition”