MLB Total Win Odds: American League Edition

Hello! My name is Mike and for my very first article on Koho Sports Picks, I will be doing segment one of a two part series in which I look at and evaluate each team’s total wins odds for the upcoming 2021 MLB season. I will include both the team’s 2020 and 2019 season records,Continue reading “MLB Total Win Odds: American League Edition”

2021 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet

The 2021 MLB season is nearly upon us and it is time to brush up on the players who will lead you to success in your upcoming Fantasy Baseball season. Below is an attachment for the spreadsheet I will be using to get the leg up on the competition. Note, this spreadsheet is designed forContinue reading “2021 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet”

Introduction to Koho Sports Picks

Hello and welcome! Each day I will be running both the NHL and MLB models to provide the probabilities of each team winning their respective games. Using the book odds provided online, picks will be determined on which teams offer the best value versus their book value. Example; Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers onContinue reading “Introduction to Koho Sports Picks”