Is the Matz Back? A way-too-early analysis

Steven Matz’ subtle changes show signs of significant improvement This past offseason, Mark Shapiro & Co. made it a priority to address the elephant in the room: their shaky and often injured rotation. The results? At first, less than impressive to an ever impatient fanbase. Robbie Ray was re-upped to the tune of a oneContinue reading “Is the Matz Back? A way-too-early analysis”

Evaluating each MLB team’s total wins odds part 2: National League Edition

Continuing on from my article earlier this week, today we examine the over/under team-win totals for the National League in the 2021 MLB season. In case this was not already stated, this is NOT advice for placing a bet on all teams for their win total. I am instead turning focus to my own thoughtsContinue reading “Evaluating each MLB team’s total wins odds part 2: National League Edition”

2021 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet

The 2021 MLB season is nearly upon us and it is time to brush up on the players who will lead you to success in your upcoming Fantasy Baseball season. Below is an attachment for the spreadsheet I will be using to get the leg up on the competition. Note, this spreadsheet is designed forContinue reading “2021 Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet”